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    When I found out I had breast cancer I created my boobalicious art from wire, plaster and lots of collaged junk. My husband thought I went over the top with the flowers but they were the "cherry on the sundae"!

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January 19, 2014


Wanda Hentges

I don't even have the Christmas stuff put away yet... maybe tomorrow. I already ordered the book and am excitedly waiting for it's arrival!!!

Dawn Bolton

can you use Ver-Day paint on plastic for the same look. If so what kind of preparation is needed to make the paint STICK? Dawn

cheryl darrow

Dawn, it depends on what type of plastic you're using. If it has a coating on it you may just want to rough it up a little. Remember anything can be scratched off plastic if you try hard enough. We have done a lot of different videos that you can check out on our youtube channel and we have done plastic with the paints.

Patent Agent

Looks to be an exciting few months for you! Thanks so much for sharing!

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