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    When I found out I had breast cancer I created my boobalicious art from wire, plaster and lots of collaged junk. My husband thought I went over the top with the flowers but they were the "cherry on the sundae"!

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February 07, 2012



I am intrigued by this product. I just order some of the metal tape sheets. would love to get some of the verDay paints. think the end products is amazing. I can see so many ideas in my mind just need to get with it. Have Knee surgery coming up and am getting a lot of new things to play with.


OK, so I'm does lightning make the floor leak? Whatever the case, that sucks!!! Can't wait to get my hands on these paints. Hope Tucson was good for you. See you next time...


Yeah, I was kinda wondering what lightning had to do with the floors leaking too. Did it make a hole in the roof, or break a window, and let the rain come in? But it sounds like it was a real mess, and Megan handled it well. Yay for family! Hope nothing irreplaceable was damaged.

Love this VerDay stuff, and I've been imagining all sorts of ways I could use it.


Lightning can hit the house and travel through the plumbing. That's why you're not supposed to shower during a thunderstorm! I feel your pain Cheryl and Megan. I dealt with it two years ago and was out of town for the weekend. It sucks doesn't begin to describe the mess! I just got my VerDay and can't wait to try it out on an old picture frame I bought at a garage sale for a $1. I'll post a picture if it comes out good!


Yep, I was going to say what Brenda said..
*You're not suppose to talk on a land~line phone either during a storm, it can travel up the lines too* And yep, samething happened to my sisters house while I was watching it..... luckily that had a male friend also helping me watch the house *he stayed at night and I checked on it during teh day* and he was able to handle the "problems"... I feel your pain.. (both of you) ~And I love that last picture w/flower/leave~fronds (can't remember it's name on the mold) but I love that look!!! ;o)


To say "I feel your pain" is an understatement! For me, it was a few hours of shopping and coming home to a wild fire. We had 10 minutes to get our dogs, grab a few things, and get into the cars and GET OUT! 48 hours later all we had left was a foot and half of ash and suet. Everything I love, including my craft studio, GONE!
I love the VerDay, but where to creatively play? A rental property just isn't home, you know? BUT... a new home is in the future, and every time I get sloppy wet kisses, and the wag of two beautiful tails, I truly am Blessed.

Gerrie Johnnic

The more I see it, the more I love your new paints. So many ideas rolling around in the brainworks....thanks for opening up the door and letting all the info flow in....hmmmm, sitting in the kitchen looking at all thos s/s appliances, lol!

Fran Podlesney

This very same thing happened to my ex husband and his new family. Lightning hit the toilet and cracked it. They lived in a hotel for 3 months.
LOVE the Verday paints.

Diana Wilson (DD)

Love your videos using the Verday paints and patina.
Hope to be put on the list when your paints are re-ordered.
Can't wait to play with them.
Keep the ideas coming.


Bummer about the plumbing!! Sounds like Megan stepped up smartly and did good!!

I have a list a mile long to try with these paints....wondering if you will sell by the gallon? (not sure how many bottles it would take to redo my front doors!!) Until then, I will take the bottles....(need to put myself on the list since every time I check these puppers are out of stock!!)

Carolyn L.

I love what that mold looks like with the two different verday'd looks. You girls always deliver, congrats Megan you did great.

Sheila A - NH

Finally! The product all mixed media artists have been waiting for! The ideas are exploding! And I am glad it's in big bottles instead of a measly 2 ounces for some serious patina work! Can't wait to try it out!

Caroline D.

Great video! Love this stuff... I've already played with mine on a couple of frames and chipboard for die cuts. It's super easy to use and get fantastic results every time!

I'm not sure how lightening makes the floors leak either. But it sure sounds like a pain to deal with. good luck!


So sorry about your house. I've had that happen and it is pretty dis-heartening. Good luck with repairs.

My VerDay goodies have arrived. I was so excited I have pinned Verday from your website on Pinterest. Want everybody to know about it. Can't wait to get started painting with it. Hugs

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