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    When I found out I had breast cancer I created my boobalicious art from wire, plaster and lots of collaged junk. My husband thought I went over the top with the flowers but they were the "cherry on the sundae"!

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December 21, 2010


Lynn Robinson

Love your stamps! They are great! Great project too!

peggy mcdevitt

That is one cool set of stamps, love it and the frame is toooooo cool. I always start my day with Taco Tuesday. Thanks for the years of taco tuesdays. Merry Christmas.

Sandy Davis

Those look awsome, and I love that they look they are a bigger size!

kitty cox

love the stamps , can not wait to see what the new year will hold for us from the two of you............I always love the ideas the two of you come up with each week.
Kitty Merry Christmas,


OMG ... these stamps are friggin AWESOME !!!!! Can't wait to get my hands on these babies!!! Thanx for sharing & love the frame idea too. Cheers.

Ruth Ann Landry

Of course, I got the stamps the sec they hit the market....I've been experimenting with using them on my metal and I think I have it! Love the frames and looking forward to seeing what else you do with them...thanks so much, cheryl, for doing this set for us. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

Cathy Humphrey

Love it, love it, love it!!! Can't wait to get my hands on these. Brainstorming on all the projects to use these beautiful stamps. You girls are awesome. Have a Merry Christmas!


Those stamps are awesome! They would be very cool in an art journal. Way cool and way to go girls!

Carol J. Johnson

Very cool! Can't wait to see more of your ideas.
Merry Christmas to all!
Carol J.

cathy tidwell

Wow, I am really loving your new stamps! I do believe I will just have to buy me these, but sadly not this week though! Cant wait!!


Your handwriting is awesome, Cheryl...glad its now in rubber. Going to wait and see if I get a gift of moola and will have to order these in the new year. I am off to Ohio for in case you don't hear from me...have a Merry Christmas, Megan and Cheryl!


I love your stamps! They are beautiful! They remind me of when I was a kid. We moved into town in the beginning of the summer and there were no kids my age around. My mom took me to the library to keep me busy. I use to check out all the 'tales' books, Fairy, Celtic, Russian, African, Folk tales, etc. They had those beautiful letters to begin each story. To aid my memory, I am going to call your new stamps : Humungo Kick@#* Fairy Tale Alphabet Stamps 2011!


OHMYLANTA!!!! those Alpha Stamps are FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!!! so VERY COOL!!!! The detail & flourish of them is FANTABULOUS!!! love love love them!!! way to go!!! (love Sue's comment above - very funny!! but yea - good memories!! <3!!)

Laurie Hunt

Love the frame! Love the stamps! Can't wait to see the other stamps too. I have to wait until Christmas is over then I can look at stamps. Any Kabukas coming?


What a great alpha set!!!!
Love the frame.

Peggy Wood

Cheryl, I love the stamps. I am constantly being told my handwriting is terrible, so these would be so nice. Also what a great idea with the frames. I don't like Facebook, but have been taking closeup pictures of my friends' faces to hang on my "wall". These would be so great. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I can't do your special, have to wait till the new year to shop. Thanks for a wonderful year of ideas.

Kathy Otero

What a great way to end one year and start another---WITH THESE FANTASTIC NEW STAMPS.I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM. Thanks so much!

Nancy Lorenz

I love the stamps and can't wait to get mine! I am in New Orleans so I have to wait till I get back to get them in the mail! Oh, I can't wait? . . .

Susan Johnson

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!!!
I just love the stamps, finished putting my order in today. I haven't found any alphabets that large anywhere else.
Looking forward to what else you have in store for us.
Keep up the good work, people come to your site to enjoy seeing you just as you are. Susan


I've been trying to learn calligraphy so I can write on fabric and now the hard part has been done for me, by you fabulous ladies!! The frame is great too, love all the different colors you used. And after listening to your suggestions, my walls won't be safe either!

Merry Christmas to you and everyone responsible for making us laugh at your antics every Tuesday!!

Helen Lindfield

Oh my, I love those stamps - I can't wait to get a set, or to see what else you have lined up.
Have a really happy Christmas.


I love the stamps and can't wait to see how you use them on metal.


So Pretty! I love these stamps so much!

Delores Azary

I absolutely love those stamps!! Excellent job! This is so exciting. I look forward to see what other stamps you produce!

Merry Christmas

Victoria Sturdevant

Goor-juss!!! Your stamps look wonderful.

jacki bates

Who doesn't love your handwriting, Cheryl? And now you're sharing it with us so we can create our own gorgeous STUFF!! I'm thinking that initial would look excellent on a notecard - what a lovely gift that would make for someone (like my mom) - monagrammed notes! I'm hoping Santa tucks a little cash into my stocking this year so I can pick up a set of these stamps - I just LOVE them! Thanks!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you both!


Cheryl, congratulations on your new stamps! The design is beautiful, and I'm so glad that they are real rubber on cling. They are not in my immediate future, but they are on my wish list. I'm trying to justify the purchase in my mind. (BTW, the price is very reasonable for 26 2" to 3" images.) I'm mostly a card-maker, and they are pretty large for cards. Of course, they'd make great initials. Can you see them hanging from the Christmas tree?

I love your frame; I can see it hanging in my sister's Day Care/Nursery School with the student of the week inside. Oh, heck. I really want those stamps! They are so beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing what else you do with them.


Love the stamp set - I will be ordering it as soon as my checkbook recovers from the Christmas Holiday. I love buying for the granddaughters but I get just a little carried away (ok, a lot might be more honest, but what the hell). Love your videos, you two make my Tuesday. I always look forward to coming home on Tuesdays. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Lizz Schwartzkopf

i love the style of the letters. they are old and new at the same time... they work well for traditional, and ease right into funky! you Rock!
Lizz S.

Carole Miller

Oh I love, love, LOVE those Alpha stamps. Looks like I'm going to have to save some extra grocery money to get a set. What a neat idea to do to the frame also. I can think of so many uses for those stamps. You also taught me more uses for colored pencils. Thank you

Carole Miller

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