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    When I found out I had breast cancer I created my boobalicious art from wire, plaster and lots of collaged junk. My husband thought I went over the top with the flowers but they were the "cherry on the sundae"!

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May 18, 2010


Bonnie Belk

Guess what! I really must be an artist. I actually own liver of sulfur (and matte medium).

Linda g

The pendant is GORGEOUS! I'd be proud to wear that and I'm not a huge jewelry fan!

Can't wait to see the video...guess in this case we're glad there's no smell to videos!

Sue C

Love this, especially the finish you got on the laugh stamp!


Great video and love the patina look of the copper. This brings back a couple of memories -- I remember seeing the Carol Duvall show that Cheryl did (can't believe it was 10 years ago) and also remember my father using liver of sulphur when he did copper embossed pictures eons ago (and I can still smell the LOS).

Ruth Ann Landry

Although I may have been tempted to drink on occasion...after all, I raised three kids...I'm glad I never liked the taste of it now!!!! Liver of sulpher...even sounds disgusting....and liver? blech!..but I now have something new to find in my never ending battle to own everything! I have an antique wrought iron table frame that I have been staring at for 5 years now. After watching your metal covered tiles show, I decided I will finish that table in copper tiles....and NOW I want to patina the tiles! won't that look uber cool in that blackish patina with a black wrought iron frame? When you come to video me in my (s)craproom (it was me, right?) we can work on it together!!! How's that for a TTV?


you girls rock !!!
cheers sandie


Beautiful necklace and wonderful technique. I have the liver of sulfer and couldn't remember what to do with I know. Thanks...
(BTW, the chewing gum doesn't bother me...enjoy!)
Pat Stuart (ps)

Susan Chong

Awesome!!! Although I love the greenish patina from the chips, this black patina is very cool!! (not to mention quick) Now ladies, not everyone wears a thong (and if they are wearing one, I don't need to know about it) so, I think I'll stick to TONGS to get my copper out of the LOS bath! LMAO!! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE the vaseline stamping tip! Just fabulous!
Thanks for all of the great ideas!!
Susan Chong

Holly McMannes

Cheryl and Megan, love the video of Liver of sulfur and the patina. Fabulous necklace.
The other sample pieces you showed are very cool. Have a great Taco Tuesday.
Holly from Nebraska

Carol J. Johnson

Got LOS, ready to stink up the place. This is a process I did way way back in the day when I was in school
Thanks Ladies.


Great technique, love the patina it gives. The necklace is gorgeous, great work Cheryl!

Marita S

Great tips and technique. I'd like to try something on that line and wrap a domino pendant with the metal. Love the patina aged look on the metal... Your necklace is just punked fantastic!! Anyone would be thrilled to win it especially ME!!


Since I don't own a thong, much less a pair of 'em, can I go dippin' in my bra or my long johns?

giggling maniacally and off to buy some liver of sulfer. Or a surfer. But if I get the surfer I want all of him, not just his liver. And preferably in a Speedo, not a thong.

Angie Hall Haviland

FUN STUFF!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that NIFTY little BOX!!!!! I've been playing with my TSS Metal this morning...always a BLAST!! THANKS for another GREAT video. :)

Cheryl Darrow, Artist to the max!

Hello blogging postees:
Ok I just realized that I wrote thong instead of Tong...thanks to those of you who actually ready this stuff. I'm not going to change it because I really think you could probably use a thong if you didn't have tongs! Not really, but that cracks me up and I need a good laugh.


cool technique but not too sure about the smell. great to see you at inspired, want to see those pictures you promised. And I want that necklace!


I read the blog first before seeing the video and had visions of Megan hanging off her pole, wearing elbow high gloves and a gas mask, dangling her copper pieces into a vat of liver of sulfur suspended in a thong. I was a bit worried about what her bottom would look like at the end of the video!

I remember this from Carol Duvall too and remember that nobody knew where to get Liver of Sulfur. I vaguely remember reading that you could accomplish this using egg yolks too, but I never tried it. I wonder if you would have to use a hot runny egg yolk or if you should boil an egg and smear hot yolk over the copper. Might give it a try one day.

Tiffany Robbins

That necklace is GROOOOVY!


Another great video ladies! I especially love how you made the laugh stamp and how it turned out w/this technique. The container necklace is a beauty too! Thanks for the tip on the glossy accents instead of spackle. Guess this video gave me a lot of ideas/tips, etc!!!


Ahhh...the smell of LOS. Don't worry you can do what I do & blame it on the dog! Love the necklace & all the other pieces. Fantastic job as always. BTW any plans to do a Taco Tuesday showing how to use the saw?


Great info about using LOS. I have it in my stash but haven't taken the opportunity to use it. You've inspired me to try it.
I love the "laugh" piece. I'd love to know how you did that!?


Love the necklace - and always wondered about LOS. Glad you don't have smell-o-vision. Enjoyed your workshop at Inspired!


Don't know if it works with copper but you can do an irradescent patina with LOS (google it) But the gel stuff really works well and it has a great shelf life compared to the rocks.

Great use of the technique. Really like the way it works with the embossing and then taken back to copper. The shadows between the stars and ladders are way interesting.


I was totally distracted by the use of a thong to get the pieces out of the bath--I kept thinking of those strings that come with turkeys that you put underneath, and then when you want to take it out of the turkey juices, you just lift up the ends of that thong-like string, and your hands stay clean. Squirrel! Nice little copper box--did you make that or acquire it? I imagine it would take soldering, which I have avoided so far...

Mary Crook

You got me so fired up I had to go and order some copper and, of course some other stuff. I couldn't find that sulfur stuff to order --darn it...I think it was because I tried it as sulfur of liver and as just plain sulfur..needless to say I couldn't order where to find it.
I sure would love to win one of your pieces. They are so neat & unusual...just my style. I'll be trying to hold my mouth just right and maybe I'll win. Mary


I will do anything to see Megan pull a piece of copper out of LOS with a THONG in a video...unless she already has and that's what you meant by "taking one for the team"?? (If LOS isn't "skin friendly", I definitely would not recommend someone using their THONGS to remove pieces...bahahahaha TONGS may be better suited...just maybe.) If you guys show up at my front door to video my studio on a really messy day, that's what we're going to do...use thongs to remove things from chemical baths! ;)

You girls are awesome, as always - just use tongs to wash your thongs and tings will be otay! xx


I got so busy being stupid I forgot to tell you what I was going to say...

Speaking of cool patinas, I realized a cool little trick. Did you know you can use balsamic vinegar to achieve the same sort of black patination? Uh-huh, sho can! It's less stinky, too...but not as quick.

I guess you can't have everything. xx


Those look so cool! The necklace is going to be really great looking!! I am looking forward to other great ideas you have in upcoming Taco Tuesday videos! Keep up the good work!


I'm posting because I want that necklace. I haven't posted for a couple TT's, but you got me on this one!

Madelyn Butts

Love the liver of sulpur patina. Disposing of it will be no problem since I have lots of weedS. Can't wait to see the finished necklace.


I love this technique and the results are amazing!

HUGS girls and happy birthday Megan!

Susan M

OK - you've inspired me to dig out my LOS from aisle 13 in the craft closet. Love the patina(s)...and your little copper box (which I believe is a portable ashtray from "back in the day"!) And the tip on the glossu accents -- I think you could use either side. Wouldn't embedding something inside the hear look cool?
Thanks for another creative nudge!(and happy birthday, Megan!)

Jan Hoefler

So thoughtful of you all to wait until the weather got nice before you unleashed this technique! A perfect one to "GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY"!
Happy Birthday to you Megan! So generous to give a discount on your birthday. So I placed an order for all the new things I've been lusting after. From Ten Seconds any way. Hey, do we get a discount for Cheryl's birthday, because that would be AMAZING!

Cindy Powell

I purchased some of this stuff awhile back with the intention of actually using it-just haven't gotten around to it yet. After watching your video and how very easy it is-I'll be using it later today! Thanks-Cindy


Girls, this video was great; I've had liver of sulfur for several years (didn't know how to use it.) Thanks for the info; i'll definitely try it with all my Ten Seconds Studio stuff I've bought. The box is adorable. I really hope to win the necklace. Thanks for doing these videos; they're great.

Barb Hiles

well - I'm not the first to pick up on the thong - so I won't go there again (cracked me up too)
I've used los with stamps - wasn't that crazy about it - but with embossed metal - way cool!
and whoever mentioned embedding something in the glossy accents - neat idea. it would be cool to have a hole of some sort - can you punch metal? fill it with glossy and embed something so you see it from the front.... or wait - just do a fairly deep outline image and embed hmmmm I wish I was home right now to play.... (dang job - only here cause they don't pay me if i don't show up and then how would I pay for my toys? and food and housing - but hey - priorities....

Char- D

You might want to take a dip in the pool in a thong, but I think you will want to use tongs in this project. lol Must be the poor ventilation you had while doing this, or maybe just a mother trying to put up with her child. lol That can really be taxing on the brain.

Mel- C

OK, nearly peed my pants --again, laughing at this weeks TTV. BTW I think you can dilute the LOS with baking soda and/or water and pour it on your sulfur loving plants :D.

Cyndi Szalma

This creation really rocks! I would be proud to display it around my neck for you.
Love the patina


hahaha!! if you're wondering if your stupid... you crack me up!!

Marcia M. Carter

This was really beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing you guys every week for a great laugh and wonderful inspiration. Thanks again!!!

Until next time,


Carole Miller

Great Video and idea. Guess if you have medical problems you could use rubber gloves. Just a thought.

Carole Miller


Love the new idea, Would LOVE to wear the
necklace, and of course give credit to Cheryl for making it.(no one would beleive that I made it anyway)....Keep the ideas coming watch every week.


Awesome video girlies! Just what I needed to feel better (daughter brought home the stomach flu this weekend--guess where I've been for the last 3 days!! IN BED!)
Anyway, like the chips idea too though I don't think there will ever be an open salt and vinegar chip bag with anything inside to be used for art... my fave!


I'm real glad you did the experimenting with chemicals before I did. I had researched it and had a list of stuff that would give different effects, but hadn't purchased anything yet. There were all kinds of warnings about toxic this and that. My boyfriend looked at my list and said "Are you serious?!"

laurie hunt

Beautiful! I have always been concerned that the liver of sulphur gets the metal too dark, but once you sanded it the color was really pretty. Thanks for the tip about glossy accents. It makes sense that it would work.


hummm I might just have to get me some LOS!
Love the neckless and the thong!

kitty cox

wow love the look of this weeks project. Loved seeing you at inspired last weekend.

Jo Hilpert

Always the high point of my week. A guaranteed laugh for sure. I remember using liver of sulfur back in the day when I was in high school art. Did not appreciate then what we were learning sure do now. Thanks Cheryl and Megan for the lessons and the entertainment.


Well, its Thursday and I am just watching your video! Been one of those weeks...but you two really make such wonderful tutorials!
Glad I finally got here...liquid of sulfur sounds stinky to work with, BUT the necklace is beautiful!

I recently saw they have a stabilized gel form
of liquid of sulfur...have you tried it?

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